The End Credit Interviews 

                                        Monday 6th July 

JOHN: Right the first of our Clive Robertson bits, Pauline joined me Thursday last, and we asked him about Beach time: 

JOHN: You've been in the warehouse, which is supposed to be dedicated to Mark, which has got lost now, in time. 

CLIVE: Yes they do that, occasionally. 

JOHN: (imitating producer voice) Forget about that now. 

CLIVE: Little things sort of disappear 

JOHN: The plaque has gone, Did Derek take that or has it gone. 

CLIVE: (laughing) I don't quite recall what happened to the plaque, I must admit. But yes time is an upshot (?)As you can see
I've got a full beard now. Urm, go to the loo regularly. 

JOHN: Good that must be nice for you. 

PAULINE: We were worried... 

CLIVE: I bet you were. 

PAULINE: We were worried about the loo. 

CLIVE: I was a little worried as well, but then they said "actually this only takes place over a couple of days". 

JOHN: Your kidding. 

CLIVE: In real time. The days on Sunset Beach last about 15 -20 days. 

JOHN: The biggest mystery of all is how long is an episode? 

CLIVE: I heard you on Monday. It varies, but I have to say I think, we've had episodes, well, you can tell by the clothes
people wear. They wear the same clothes, it's not because they haven't got a wardrobe, it's because apparently it's the same

                                        Tuesday 7th July 

JOHN: So, Derek and Ben, who are you more like? 

CLIVE: Personally, Well, Ben is urm... I suppose I was originally more like Ben, but as the shows progressed. I've felt more
Derek coming out, slowly but surely. 

PAULINE: Is this towards certain actors or...? 

CLIVE: (laughs) towards certain producers, perhaps. And urm, no I'm not really like either of them. Well no, obviously there's
a lot more Ben in me. I mean all my character traits are in there somewhere. When I read the first breakdown they said, it said
dark, brooding, mysterious entrepreneur. And I thought I can do that. 

JOHN: 'Coz your blonde aren't you. 

CLIVE: (joking) Well, yes I am. 

                                       Wednesday 8th July 

JOHN: So when you got the job, of Ben, did you know he was going to fall in love with Meg, did you know he was going to
have an evil twin brother? 

CLIVE: I knew nothing, nothing at all. In fact they wrote the Derek character before they even told me about him, which I
thought was interesting. 

PAULINE: What about Ted, do you remember Ted? 

JOHN: Yes, there you were in the cave imagining Meg to be Maria 

CLIVE: I remember Ted! I try and forget when I've said things like that, 'coz I go to them "what about Ted?" and they're go
"aah! well, you were hit on the head weren't you?" 

JOHN: Oh right Ted, Derek, yeah I can see the... 

CLIVE: Or maybe I was lying, I can always use that can't I? 

JOHN: Because there's a lot of mystery about Ben, isn't there? 

CLIVE: There is, and I try and maintain that, as much as I can, it's often a bit difficult. 

JOHN: I think the biggest mystery about Ben is he runs this night club which has got the world's worst music in it... 

CLIVE: (laughs) Yes, its very successful. 

JOHN: Its exceedingly successful, and his a multi-millionaire, and everyone drinks water. 

CLIVE: (joking) Well actually he runs all the prostitution rackets in Sunset Beach too. 

                                        Thursday 9th July 

JOHN: Was it Ben with the bloody sheets and bloody scissors in the wardrobe? Or was that Derek? And who was it burned

CLIVE: I can't answer that. 

JOHN: No? 

PAULINE: Ahhh, he knows, he knows 

CLIVE: No, I can't answer that, only 'cos I know that is gonna come out, but I don't actually know the answer to that either. It

PAULINE: How come your allowed to say bloody sheets and bloody pillows... 

CLIVE: But you can't swear... 

PAULINE: but your not allowed to say bloody Smuf! 

JOHN: You mean Caitlin. 

They all laugh 

JOHN: Urm Derek, he's been in Sunset Beach... 

CLIVE: Derek, yes. 

JOHN: Del-Boy as we call him over here. 

CLIVE: Del-boy, yes I like that. Del-boy Trotter... 

JOHN: He's been in Sunset Beach for 3 months now. 

CLIVE: He's very evil isn't he? Ooh, Very evil. 

JOHN: Very evil, yes. Do you enjoy playing him? 

CLIVE: I do actually, a little too much. You know, actually it's a damn sight easier playing Derek, for the life of me I can't
understand why. They love writing him, have you noticed? He gets these monologues, that go on for half a century. 

JOHN (VOICE-OVER): And to prove Clive is a top man, here's a moment he got his own back on me. 

JOHN: When you've got the choice of ... 

CLIVE: Can I just say something, John is a lot younger than he sounds, in the flesh. 

PAULINE: He's 14 actually! 

JOHN: I am 14 but I'm taking hormones, so. 

CLIVE: So, are you still growing breasts, or? 

JOHN: yeah, I am trying to grow breasts actually. 

PAULINE: He's trying to match Annie's 

CLIVE: You've got a bit of a problem cut out there. 

PAULINE: Little more genuine. 

CLIVE: Bit of a problem there. 

                                         Friday 10th July 

JOHN: On the Annie subject, when we first started watching you in Sunset Beach. 

CLIVE: On the Annie subject... 

PAULINE: Did you mentch Annie? 

JOHN: Did I mentch Annie, yeah. You had a bit of a thing with Annie did'nt you. 

CLIVE: Well, yeah, we did, we did. Historically, we never quite got it together, but she was always very keen, and he wasn't
apparently, don't know why. 

JOHN: Do you think that Ben will ever actually marry Meg? Without given too much away. 

CLIVE: Without given too much away. I assume so, but urm, who knows when. 

JOHN: Why, why would he want to marry Meg? (Clive laughs) Here he is, he's a multi-millionaire in Sunset Beach, he's got
everything he needs. 

CLIVE: Well, she's a simple girl, and I honestly think he, urm, he got a bit screwed over by Maria, and he probably wants
something a little bit simple. 

JOHN: Sam Behrens, who plays Gregory, do you get on well with him? 

CLIVE: Sam, yes I do actually. He lives literally a couple of minutes away, I can fire off golf balls from my lawn, and hit him
with my driver. 

PAULINE: That's Derek of course! 

                                       Thursday 16th July 

JOHN: How do you cope with all that gunk in your hair? 

CLIVE: Well, the truth is (laughs) Urm, that's my choice actually. 

They all laugh. 

JOHN: Sorry, Clive. 

CLIVE: I've always worn gunk in my hair, and I think I watched too many old movies, when I was growing up, with Cary
Grant and things like that, so I've always had gunk in my hair. 


JOHN: Which member of the Sunset Beach cast do you enjoy working with, which one makes you laugh? Which do you wish
you could work with more? 

CLIVE: I like, actually, I like working with, err, Ricardo Clouseau as we call him, alias, Detective Ricardo. 

JOHN: Oh, the cop with the mop as we call him over here. 

PAULINE: And we call him Retardo as well. 

CLIVE: We call him Ricardo Clouseau because his always so on the ball. 

JOHN: Why am I getting an irony here. 

                                       Thursday 23th July 

JOHN: What's she like, Sarah Buxton? 

(John fancies Annie) 

PAULINE:: Stop it John. 

JOHN: Well, just thought I'd ask 

CLIVE: (Joking) In bed or? 

JOHN: Well, if you want to go down that particular route I'm with you. 

Pauline laughs 

CLIVE: No, he's actually... 

JOHN: Is she anything like Annie? 

CLIVE: She is actually. 


CLIVE: She's really nice, actually 

PAULINE: She's not Sunset Bitch or anything? 

CLIVE: No. Yes I know that, she was actually really quite chuffed with that, I think. There was that poster wasn't there? 

JOHN: Yes, a launch poster. 

When Sunset Beach was launched in the UK, There were loads of poster of Annie with the Sunset Bitch slogan. 

CLIVE: We have a picture of that, in the office, they sent one over. She's very sweet actually, she's very nice...