Nov. 16, 1998
QUESTION: Susan, on a scale of 1 to 10 how good a kisser is Clive, and Clive, can I test what she
NBC STAR "c": (Laughing) on a scale of 1-10? He's a 25!!!!!! 

QUESTION: Clive, how is it working with Susan? Do you two ever get into fights? 
BOTH: Never! We get along 100 percent!!!! 
NBC STAR"c": She is a very fine and generous actress, and I am very lucky to be working with such a

QUESTION: What inspired you to take the roles of Meg and Ben? 
NBC STAR "C": To be honest, I was over here in the U.S. and it was my first audition, so I didn't really think
twice about it. 
NBC STAR "S": I've worked for NBC and [Sunset executive producer Aaron] Spelling before. I was very
excited to have them ask for me to come back. 

QUESTION: Clive, did you enjoy playing Derek, he's a totally different character from Ben... and
Susan, how was it for you to have Derek around? :o) 
NBC STAR "C": When I look back at that six-month period, I now do it with rose-colored glasses and say I
loved it. At the time, it was a nightmare. Having said that, I did find Derek a fascinating character to
NBC STAR "s": It was quite confusing, I couldn't figure out if it was Ben or Derek. We had to do all the
scenes twice. Clive was under a lot of pressure. I am very proud he didn't go insane. 
NBC STAR "c": By the way, I did go insane!!!!! 

QUESTION: What has it been like working with each other? And what is it like to have Ben and
Meg considered a supercouple? 
NBC STAR "s": It's been great working on the show and working with different people. Clive and I work
well together. After two years, you get used to each other's moods. It has gotten easier and easier. I
happy that the fans have responded so well! 
NBC STAR "c": I happy too!!!!:) 
NBC: Make that I am happy for both!!!!:) 

QUESTION: Congrats on the SOD [Soap Opera Digest] nomination [for Hottest Couple]. Are you
coming to the Emmys this year? 
NBC STAR "s": Yes, hopefully!!!!!!!!! 
NBC STAR "C": Yes, I am going to the Emmys and thanks for your support re: the nomination!!!! 

QUESTION: What character traits do you see in your character that you find in yourself, and in
what way are you totally different from your character? 
NBC STAR "C": It is difficult to distinguish the different traits sometimes because playing the character every
day, you put more and more of yourself into it. Certainly, I am not as stuck in the past as Ben. I
actually enjoy change and new experiences. If I had any advice for Ben, I would tell him to move on.

QUESTION: Susan, you seem to be able to cry very easily. Can you do this at the drop of a hat, or
do you have a prop like an onion or something else? 
NBC STAR "s": Yes, I have an onion I carry around in my pocket! 
NBC STAR"C": I can vouch for that!!!!!!!!! 
NBC STAR "s": Actually, I can cry very easily. 

QUESTION: Where you surprised to be nominated as Hottest Couple? 
CLIVE and SUSAN: Definitely. We are both very excited! We are happy you fans have embraced
us as a couple in the way you have. 

QUESTION: If you could, what one part of your childhood would you bring back? 
NBC STAR "C": My blonde hair. 
"S": my long hair! 
C: The happiest part of my childhood was living in Singapore (with my blonde hair). 

QUESTION: Susan: I would like to know how you got started in acting and what the best part
about playing Meg is? 
S: I started acting when I was 15 or 16, when my friends took me to an acting class. The
best part of playing Meg is kissing Clive, because he is a 25, you know!!!! For real... getting to
work with everyone from the crew and cast every day... but especially kissing Clive! 

QUESTION: Who would you like to have a storyline with? 
C: I actually really liked working with Sam Behrens  and I do have a storyline with
him already. I wish they wrote more for it. 
S: I would like to work with Kathleen Noone  more, because she has a great
presence and is so professional. 

QUESTION: Has there ever been any "connection" between you two off screen? 
C: Well, there was that one night in Tucson Okay, just kidding. 

QUESTION: Have the two of you starred in any other TV shows or movies before Sunset? And
how did the two of you get into acting? 
C: I went to drama school back in London because that is where you go if you want to be an
S: I started on All My Children and then I went to Malibu Shores and now SUN. 
C: In London, I did a TV-movie called Paparazzo, and I was on a show called London
Bridge shortly before coming here. Aside from that, mostly theater. 

QUESTION: If you were offered a movie role, what type of movie would you most like to do? 
S: Preferably, a movie with Jack Nicholson. I want to do an action movie. 
C: I want to play a Roman in a Roman epic! Preferably on the beach! 

QUESTION: You must have done a lot of fun scenes together, but what's the funniest thing that's
S: When we were on location, Clive tripped and sprained his ankle, then stabbed himself with
a knife!!! 
C: That was one of my good days. 

QUESTION: Do you sometimes catch yourselves acting like the characters you're playing? 
CLIVE and SUSAN: No, not at all. 

QUESTION: what was the most difficult scene to act for you??? 
CLIVE: It was definitely the cave those scenes will stay with us until our dying day. 
S: They were horrible we had to get naked, we were dirty and had to kiss, and we

QUESTION: Do either of you watch any other soaps? 
C: No, I sometimes watch the Days of Our Lives feed in the studio. 

QUESTION: C: Was it hard for you to make the move from England to California? 
C: Aside from getting on a plane, not really. I have said this before, but I do love the sunshine
here. And it is difficult to imagine going back to bleak darkest London!! 

QUESTION: Congratulations on your Soap Opera Digest nomination!!!! I'll be voting for you! Will
Meg and Ben be staying together? 
CLIVE and SUSAN: Yes but only if you all vote for us! The writers will then be forced to keep us

QUESTION: Is shooting the love scenes as fun as it seems? 
S: No, because it is very technical kiss right, kiss left. it is not as fun as you would think it
is at all. 

QUESTION: What is on your Christmas wish list this year, and what are your plans for the
C: I was going to Australia, but my dog is not very well :( so instead we [Clive and fiancee
Libby Purvis] have decided to go skiing ...somewhere... 
S: I am spending half of my time in Iowa with [boyfriend] Joešs family, and the other half in
Los Angeles, with my family. 

QUESTION: Clive, if you could tell Meg one thing about Ben, what would it be? 
CLIVE: Maybe I should tell her about the bloody sheets and what REALLY happened the night of
Maria's supposed death.