Meet the Contestants
                              Soap Opera Digest; February 16, 1999
                     Favorite Couple:  Clive Robertson & Susan Ward (Ben & Meg)
Digest:  Where were you when you found out? 
Robertson:  I was soaking in a hot bath when I took the phone call, and I was delighted.  NBC Publicist Michael Feeney gave me the good
news.  I'm not expecting to win... but it would be nice. 
Ward:  I heard it from Clive in the NBC parking lot. 

Digest:  What were you favorite scenes this year? 
Robertson:  The things that I remember most from the year were the scenes when I was Derek, actually.  I had these enormous monologues
where I was spouting at Ben when he was sitting in the barber's chair.  I quite enjoyed that.  I also enjoyed the scenes where Derek didn't quite
know what was going on, but was pretending to and not doing a very good job of it. 
Ward:  I loved the wedding scenes, and now that Maria is back, Ben and Meg have been having some great scenes together.  I don't think I've
ever cried more in a year! 

Digest:  Does it make a difference that the fans vote? 
Robertson:  For us it makes a difference, because we don't have as many viewers.  I'm sure if you ask someone on Y&R, they would be very
pleased about it because they're the top-rated show.  But having said that, were we to win, 
it would be a great coup. 

Digest:  What are you going to wear? 
Robertson:  I have a Valentino tuxedo that I'm planning to wear. 
Ward:  All I know is I am wearing a dress, and I'm shopping for shoes as I'm doing this interview!  I'm on a car phone.  I do want something
classy, sexy and elegant. 

Digest:  Have you ever won an award before? 
Robertson:  I've never won an award for anything that I can recall.  Certainly not for acting.  I won something at school once for breaking the
long-jump record.