t's a Guy Thing
(Soap Opera Digest May 27, 1997)

Clive Robertson


Accent-uate The Positive:
"For the American audience, I would say my sexiest trait is my accent. It gives exoticism to who I am."

His Sexiest Garment:
"A pair of linen trousers."

What Women Find Sexy About Him:
"The way I carry myself."

What He Finds Sexy:
"A woman who is both confident and relaxed with herself."

Most Romantic Move Ever:
"I sent my girlfriend my favorite poem."

The Movie Title That Best Descibes His Love Life:
"The Year of Living Dangerously." 

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BEACH's First Supercouple
Ben & Meg

Digest: Why do you think the two of you have become the breakout couple on the show?
Susan Ward: Because he's a stud, that's why.
Clive Robertson: Have we become a popular couple?
Ward: I read that we had. It's amazing.
Robertson: That is amazing and very wonderful.
Digest:: Yes, wonderful, but why?
Robertson: THe story started with Susan's character, so there's alot of empathy with Meg.
Ward: And Ben as so much mystery about him. I think that's so interesting to the audience, because they don't know the full you.
Robertson: Plus, the whole Internet thing; I think that was very appealing
Digest: What attracts Ben to Meg and Vice Versa?
Robertson: What attracted Ben first was her mind, presumably, because that's what we met on the Internet.
Ward: His honesty.
Robertson: THey have a mutual understanding about things.
Digest: Why did Meg decide to seek out "S.B."?
Ward: Meg was in the Midwest and felt no one understood her. She knew Tim wasn't "the one." When she found out on her wedding day that Tim was cheating on her, she knew this opportunity of Ben, or "S.B." as she knew him, was here [at Sunset Beach]. She took a chance and jumped at it.
Robertson: Brilliant Move.
Ward: I thought so.
Digest: What was going through your minds after Ben and Meg's first real kiss?
Ward: It was the ultimate for Meg; it was what she always wanted. That's why she came to Sunset Beach. She had known he was"S.B.", so it was very exciting for her and the real thing
Robertson: And it was very real for Ben, as well, because this was the first girl he'd commited to since the death of his wife, Maria.
Ward: But you haven't committed.
Robertson: I committed to the kiss, though, didn't I?
W: Well, that you did. Very well may I did.
Digest: What advice would you give to Ben and Meg together in a normal relationship?
Ward: Therapy.
Robertson: I'd tell them to get on with it.
Ward: He needs to get over Maria and get on with his life. Maria's been dead for four years, and he's goign to be miserable for the reset of his life if he continues like this.
Robertson: Yes, I'm too miserable. I need to lighten up a bit.
Ward: That's what I'm here for.
(From Soap Opera Digest, June 24, 1997)

In The Spotlight Clive Robertson/Ben Evans
(Soaps In Depth May 20, 1997)

Ben keeps his feelings so under wraps that sometimes he seems like one-way glass: He can look out, but no one can see into him. Here, his portrayer offers a window into his world...

How do you bring Ben to life?
"By creating answers about his life in my head. By filling in all the questions, I am able to make him more rounded. If there are blanks there, then it's my job to fill them in."

Other than Meg, are there any women on the show with whom you could see Ben?
"He's historically interested in a more feisty, more fiery woman. His attraction to Meg is more about safety."

If you could sit down and have a conversation with your character, what would you say to him?
"'Move on with your life, Ben.' I'd tell him that he's got a lot of things going for him: a successful business; he's living on the beach. He needs to get out and enjoy himself. He's young." 

British Invasion
(Soaps In Depth June 10, 1997)
You say tomato, I say to-mah-to...
SUN's casting director felt that
Clive Robertson's colorful British
accent would lend texture to SUN's canvas. 

Without a doubt, Clive Robertson's alter ego, Ben Evans, is the silent type with a capital "S." However, surprisingly enough, it was Robertson's thick British accent that turned the heads of SUN's producers. "Originally, we didn't conceive Ben as a foreigner, but during casting, we definitely opened up that possibility," recalls the show's casting director, Melinda Gartzman. She explains that all of the show's characters were meant to be Sunset Beach townies. When they mulled over the character of Ben, though, they reconsidered. "We thought that this person could have come from anywhere at all," Gartzman says. Enter English actor Clive Robertson. "I think that the character of Ben lends itself to being a man from another country," Robertson notes. "Immediately, it gives him another angle to play off of, and that adds to mystery." Gartzman explains, "Audiences love British accents. This accent has been very successful in all genres -- film, TV, and theater." Robertson couldn't agree more. "I think that the average American finds anything outside of this country to be more interesting. I think that the accent adds to the intrigue, and it gives Ben a mysterious edge."