Ben & Meg's Paradise Sunset Beach Stargazer Soap Opera News April 21,
1998 Native Englishman Clive Robertson lives in a cozy cottage high above
the City of Angels. Clive Robertson and his girlfriend, Australian actress
Libby Purvis, moved into their beautiful home high in the hills overlooking
the Valley in Los Angeles the week shooting first began on Sunset Beach.
"I have to admit when I came to L.A., I didn't know there were any hills!" the
English actor exclaims, laughing to himself as he recalled how he hadn't
expected Los Angeles to be so pretty. "So as soon as I discovered there
were hills, I thought, 'Well, I have to live in the hills.' Robertson heads for
the living room when it's time to study his Sunset Beach scripts. "When I
first started, it took me forever," he groans We were doing those first two
weeks down on location, he remembers, "We started looking for
somewhere with a view. I just wanted something completely different from
my flat in London. In London, pretty much everybody lives in flats -
apartments, " he adds. "We were very lucky that we found this place. I love
it." The house has just one bedroom and one bathroom, but the view goes
on forever. "I didn't realize how pretty it would be," Robertson says. "I love it
at night. It's the most divine view across the canyon from the breakfast
nook. You get this dusk feeling that reminds me on North Africa. And during
the day," he adds, "it looks like the south of France." The actor also
confessess that he enjoys pulling out the binoculars for an occasional scan
of his surroundings. "I have neighbors, but they're too far away to spy on.
Of course I try!" he jokes. Actually, he usually uses the binoculars for true
nature watching. "There are these California redtailed hawks that fly
around," he says. "They live on the hillside jsut above us. They fly down
and swoop down through the canyon and hover above us. They're
massive. The bright and airy kitchen overlooks the breakfast nook - and the
hills beyond. And the billiard room is an added bonus. "In England, a lot of
pubs have pool tables," Robertson notes. "I play both pool and snooker,
which is the 'toffee-nosed' English version." Robertson "helps" girlfriend
Libby Purvis work in their airy kitchen. The house also has a patio - perfect
for barbecuing - and a pool. "It's nice to dive into because its gets very hot
when the sun is beating down on the patio, " says the actor. But when it's
cool, there's a slight problem. "The pool isn't heated," Robertson sighs with
a shiver. "And I hate swimming when it's cold." Robertson and Purvis met
five years ago when they were both studying drama at Arts Ed. in London.
But, he confesses, the two did not begin dating immediately. "I don't think
she liked me very much at first!" he says with a grin. Now, the couple are
happily sharing their gorgeous home high above L.A. with a view worthy of
Robertson's television alter-ego, Ben Evans. by Jeffrey Epstein
Photography by John Paschal/JPI