Gabi tells Antonio that their going to die & that's God's punishment on

them, he says no.

Meg wakes up after a bad dream & her car won't start & her cell phone

is dead.

Maria tells Ben that she missed him & he says he missed her. She says

make love to me. He says he's sorry. He says he feels his feeling feel

right for her but. She says we know there's something else.

Michael tells Vanessa that he caught Virginia & he knows the baby is

his. She says no, Virginia got a hold of Tyus' sperm, he says no & the

EMS guys take her away.

Ben tells Maria that they need to slow things down. He says it's hard

letting those feeling back in because he loves Meg. He says we'll go get

some wine for them.

Carmen looks at her cards, she tells Sara & Joan that death is coming.

Michael tells Virginia that he knows what she did to Vanessa & he says

he wants answers. He see Tyus & asks him how Vanessa is, he says she'll

be fine. He asks about the baby & he shakes his head no.

Meg unrolls her window & sees Ben.

Gabi asks Antonio if their going to die, he says I don't see any other

way out & they kiss.



Caitlin asks Cole why he's pretending to be Gregory on the phone. He

says he's trying to find Olivia's baby.

Ricardo finds another way into the cave.

Carmen says the death card can mean rebirth.

Bette sees Annie packing & says your marriage is ending, she says yes.

Bette says you can't walk out or you'll be penniless.

Ben asks Meg if she followed him, she says no I can to get away. They

get into his car but it wont start.

Gabi takes Antonio's shirt off & he takes her's off. They kiss then

make love!!

Hank, Casey & Ricardo start digging. Ricardo finds A.J.'s door sign &

says this is the way in.

It starts to rain & Meg & Ben find an abandon house. The electricity &

phone don't work. They start to talk & then kiss.

Annie tells Cole that she'll tell Caitlin about his & Olivia's affair

if he don't stop looking into her connection w/Dr. Brock.

Antonio tells Gabi that he loves her & always will then they hear

Ricardo yelling Gabi's name.




Meg tells Casey, Sara & Tim that her & Ben are back together.

Ben tells Maria that he wants to talk & she says why, you love Meg & I

should of died.

Vanessa tells Tyus that Virginia killed her baby. Tyus grabs Virginia &

asks what she did.

Antonio tells Gabi that he wants to tell Ricardo that they made love,

she says no.

Meg tells Tim that Ben loves her & it was fate that they were in Palm

Springs. He says what if it wasn't fate & Sara cuts him off.

Michael tells Tyus that Virginia drugged Vanessa & inseminated her

w/his sperm, he tells him about Dr. Green. He asks Virginia if there's


Maria tells Ben that he was to busy making love w/Meg to give their

relationship a chance. She tells him she hates him, he says he's sorry.

She asks him what happened to him.

Virginia starts to lose it & tells them how the cabin got burnt down &

how she went to Mrs. Moreau for the potion. She says I hate you & jumps

on Vanessa & Michael pulls her off. Tyus says we'll admit her.

Ben tells Maria that he's a different man now, he says Meg saved me.

She says I understand but who's going to save me now.

Michael asks Virginia why, she says it was the only thing to do to make

you fall in love w/me.

Maria asks Ben to pack her art supplies & she'll stay at Carmen's, he

says ok & goes upstairs. She sees the picture of him & Meg & smashes it

& runs out the door.

Antonio prays to God for what he should do & the room lights up & he


Meg's on the phone, there's a knock at the door. Maria walks in, Meg

says Maria & she says that's right it's me.



Maria grabs Meg's arm & says how could you.

Francesca puts video camera's in A.J.'s room.

Cole asks Olivia if it's possible that Annie & Dr. Brock stole her baby?

Ben tells Annie that he chose Meg & Maria was upset & ran away. He says lets

check Meg's.

Maria tells Meg that she followed them up there & tried to steal Ben away

from her. She says I didn't steal Ben away from you, I didn't have to.

Antonio talks to God, he says I'm here because you need me.

Sara tells Casey that Tim wanted her to help him in a plan to break-up Meg &

Ben, she says I told him no. He tells her that he feels like he can trust


Meg tells Maria that she's sorry, she says she knows & they hug & Ben & Annie

see. Maria tells Meg that she's sorry & that it wont happen again & leaves.

Then Annie tells her it isn't over w/yet & leaves.

Olivia tells Cole he's gone & asks him to leave it alone, he says he can't.

Antonio asks God for forgiveness, he says it's possible if one atones for his

sins, he asks how.

Tim tells Sara that he can tell Casey that she's a liar, she asks him what he

wants, he says he wants a job here at The Quake.

Ben tells Meg that he has a surprise for her.

Maria leaves her house key & leaves. The phone rings & the answering machine

picks it up & you see a women's hand hang up the phone.

A.J. comes home & catches Francesca, they bicker & then kiss & Olivia sees.

Annie tells Cole that she's ready to tell him about her connection w/Dr.




God tells Antonio to follow his heart.

Gregory walks in & Annie stops talking to Cole.

Ricardo gives Gabi a ring & asks her to marry him. She looks up & Antonio is

there & she tells Ricardo yes.

Maria tells Carmen that she's moving in because Ben chose Meg.

A.J. tells Francesca he doesn't want her that he loves Olivia. He says I

wont threaten what I have w/Olivia, I'll kill you first.

Ricardo tells Carmen & Maria that him & Gabi are getting married. Maria

starts to cry. Carmen says that Ben chose Meg over Maria. Gabi says she's

sorry. Carmen says are you, Meg's your friend.

Ben takes Meg back to the abandon house & tells her that he bought it for her

& they make love.

Gregory threatens Annie if she tells Cole. He says by this time tomorrow

Cole will be off your back.

Cole tells A.J. that Annie said Olivia knew what she was involved with.

Ben gives Meg her wedding ring & she wears it.

Gregory calls Dr. Manning & says he needs the test results today & he says


Carmen says Maria & Ben say it's over, but it isn't. She says the spirits do

not lie. Then you see a hand zipping up luggage & grabs two plane tickets.

Gabi asks Antonio if he's going to tell Ricardo about them. He says no, know

one will ever finds out.

Francesca watches her video tape, she says o, my god & you see Antonio & Gabi

making love.



Gregory tells Francesca that his Doctor is going to says Trey needs blood &

Cole will find out today.

Olivia tells A.J. to get out & to go back to his new lover Francesca, he says

I can explain. She asks him if didn't feel anything when he kissed her.

Annie hears Gregory on the phone & asks him who's in on the plan w/him. He

doesn't tell her & he leaves.

The Bishop tells Antonio that he's not going to Guatemala. He says he talked

to his mother & he feels his family needs him.

A.J. tells Olivia that it meant nothing, she says it's over & tells him to

get out.


Antonio yells at Carmen, she says the cards says that the other man in Gabi's

life has already sewn the seeds of destruction & now both are heading for a


Annie hits redial on Gregory's phone & hears Francesca.



Annie sees A.J. banging on Francesca's door saying he'll kill her for what

she's done.

Francesca calls Gabi & tells her that she has something she wants & says

she's been a naughty girl. She calls her cavegirl & says she'll be over, Gabi

hangs up on her.

Dr. Manning puts the speaker on so Gregory can listen in on Trey's appoint.

Dr. Manning tells Cole & Caitlin that Trey may have internal bleeding & he

needs to run some tests.

Carmen tells Gabi that she & Ricardo will never last.

Dr. Manning tells Caitlin & Cole that Trey needs another blood transfusion &

that she's a perfect match.

Annie breaks into Francesca's room, she talks to herself & a black glove

covers her mouth.

Dr. Manning tells Caitlin that the transfusion can't wait.

Francesca goes to Gabi's & tells her that she wants the $200,000 from the

police evidence room. She says no & Francesca puts in the tape. She says get

it for me or Ricardo & the church will find out.




Tyus tells Michael that they admitted Virginia to Cedar Oaks. Tyus says we

have to call the police. Vanessa says no, what about Jimmy.

Caitlin says she can't give blood because she has a cold, Dr. Manning says

she can.

Annie grabs the glove & it's Olivia. She asks her what’s going on between

her, A.J. & Francesca then A.J. comes in & Annie leaves.

Ricardo tells Gabi that Antonio is staying. Then he gives him their dad


Francesca see Annie & she asks her why she is dressed like her. She asks her

what she has planned w/Gregory. She says your going down.

Caitlin says she needs to talk to Gregory, he says no, you need to talk to

me. She says she's scared, he says you have to save our son's life. She says

that's what I'm trying to do.

Vanessa & Tyus have a heart to heart talk about their baby. She starts to

cry & they hug & Michael sees.

Dr. Estrada hooks Virginia up to an EEG. She says poor Virginia you had

quite a breakdown. She asks her if she can hear her, she says nothing & she

leaves. Virginia gets out of the straight jacket & says here I come Michael &

this time Vanessa you wont keep him from me.

Gabi tells Antonio that Francesca has a videotape of them making love & she

wants the $200,000 from the evidence room.

Annie asks Olivia if she wants to help her destroy Francesca, she says she'll

think about it.

A.J. gets a gun & says I can kill you Francesca.

Francesca opens the door & Antonio is standing there.

Cole asks Caitlin how can a mother let her son die, she says I'm not Trey's




Antonio asks Francesca for the tape, she says it's in a safe spot. He

says why are you doing this, she says it's a business arrangement, I want

the money.

Cole asks Caitlin what she meant. She says the child we made is gone,

he's dead.

Russell calls Annie for the date. She says he'll tell Gregory, she

says tonight.

Cole tells Dr. Manning to take the blood from the bank.

Maria tells Ben to call his lawyers to get the divorce started.

Caitlin tells Cole she lost the baby in the car accident. He asks her

when she was going to tell him, she says after the doctor but he said I

could never have children again. She says I was afraid I was going to

lose you then I got a baby. He says you set me up & Sean knows. He

says who got you the baby. She says Annie, he says dam you & throws the


Annie goes in one of the hospital's room & kisses Russell, the nurse

opens the door & she says he sexually assaulted me. He says you planned

this & she says yes.

They show of the back of the women on the airplane & on her lap is a

drawing of Ben.

Francesca opens the door & someone is standing there w/a gun.



Annie starts to open the door to help Caitlin & Gregory stops her. He tells

her no, she says you set me up, you want Cole to know.

Caitlin tells Cole that Annie knew the unwed mother, he remembers the cliff &

says Olivia. He says you destroyed everything.

Olivia is holding the gun & tells Francesca it's pay back time. She says you

your kissing A.J.

Sara ask Hank & Joan to give Tim a job at the Quake, they say they'll think

about it.

Caitlin tells Cole to give her & our son another chance. He says don't you

get it he's not your son he's mine. She says he's mine too, he takes Trey &

leaves. She's crying & Gregory asks her what's happened. She says she told

Cole about Trey & he'll never forgive me.

Francesca gives the gun from Olivia, she says A.J. was ready & willing &

tells her to leave. She says this isn't over w/yet.

Cole tells Annie that Caitlin told him about Trey but she doesn't know that

Trey is Olivia's baby. She says I did it to help her. She says all I did was

to make sure you got your son.

Francesca calls Gregory & says mission accomplished & he says same her.

Cole says you stole Olivia's baby. Annie says Olivia knows Trey is hers.



Annie tries to leave & Cole ties her up in bed & says he's going to find


Maria asks Antonio if Gabi knows how he feels, he says yes. She asks if

something happened in the cave he says yes. She says it okay you were facing


Francesca tells Gabi that she needs the money tonight, she say she'll try.

Caitlin tells Sean what happened w/Cole. She starts to freak out & Dr.

Manning sedated her & gives her a room.

Casey & Sara make love by the beach.

Gabi goes to the police station & takes Spencer's keys for the evidence room.

She opens the safe & pulls out the box & puts it into her purse them Ricardo

walks in & asks her what's she's doing.

Olivia finds Annie tied up. She starts talking about Trey since it's his

first birthday. She starts to take the gage off & Cole says don't do it.



Gabi tells Ricardo that she was returning a file. She says she found keys,

he says it's Spencer's.

Cole tells Olivia that he tied Annie up. Trey cries & she goes to him. Then

Cole says put our son down.

A.J. tells Bette that Olivia says it's over between them because she saw he

kissing Francesca & leaves.

Gregory sees Annie tied up & puts on the baby monitor to listen & Olivia &

Cole. Olivia says he's yours & Caitlin's baby. He says Caitlin isn't Trey's

mother you are. How could you let me think our son was dead? He says Caitlin

told me & Annie filled in the details. He asks her when she found out. She

says at the christening. She says I did it for Caitlin & to save your


A.J. asks Francesca why she pursued him when she wants Cole. She says it's a

mystery. He says your going to tell Olivia the truth. She says no, he says

I'll you. She says you want me & he starts to choke her.

Cole tells Olivia she was afraid that the truth would come out about them.

She says are you ready to tell Caitlin. He says don't worry what I'll tell


Gabi opens the box & it's a gun.

Olivia tells Cole she wished she never slept w/him then Gregory comes in &

says did I hear you right you slept w/Cole.



Carmen tells Maria that the cards says her & Ben will be together, there will

be a sign. Then Ben comes in & gives Maria the divorce papers.

Gregory asks Olivia if she slept w/Cole, she says yes, it was a mistake. He

says you ruined everything.

He says I'm going to see it that neither of you see Trey again & Cole says the hell you are.

Maria opens the papers & says you signed it already. He says read them over

first before you sign them.

Gregory says Caitlin told me about Trey. Cole says your not taking my son.

Gregory says he's not your son, Cole says Trey might not be Caitlin's but he's


A.J.'s choking Francesca & Bette comes in & breaks it up & they leave.

Gregory says you tell me that Trey is yours & Olivia's, he says yes. He says

while you were sleeping w/Cole you were sleeping w/me so Trey could be mine

son. He asks her who the father is.

Meg tells Time that her & Ben are getting married ASAP, he says he's happy

for her.

Olivia tells Gregory that she don't know who the father is. He says we'll

get a paternity test & he & Cole & Trey leave.

Maria reads the divorce papers & cries.

Gregory asks Tyus if he'll do a paternity for them, he says he'll get the

files on all of them.

Olivia tells Annie the Gregory knows everything & slaps her.

Sara tells Tim to leave then Ben tells him too. Hank tells Ben he can't tell

anyone to leave. He says Tim is upsetting Meg & he should want him to leave

after everything he put her through. Hanks tells Ben what about everything

you put her through.

Olivia tells Annie that she could kill her but Trey her son is going to need

her & Caitlin walks in & says your son Trey.

Tyus tells Gregory & Cole that the answer is in their files.




Francesca tells Ricardo that she needs to talk to him & it can't wait, Gabi

just looks at her.

Caitlin asks Olivia what she means. Annie says Olivia looses her baby, I got

you one, where do you think at brat came from. She says no & Olivia says Trey

is my son.

Tyus says Gregory is the father. Gregory tells Cole to give him Trey & Cole

runs away w/him.

Meg tells Hank if he can't accept Ben in her life that they shouldn't speak.

Then Tim asks about the job. Meg asks Hank if he lost his mind.

Francesca tells Ricardo that A.J. assaulted her.

Hank tells Meg that if Tim wants another chance he got one. Then Joan says

give Ben another chance, he says I'll try.

A lady gives Antonio $200,000 from her husband's estate & tells he to put it

in the church safe.

Gabi tells Francesca that she tried to get the money but it wasn't there, she

says she'll give her one more chance & she got till tonight.

Gregory calls Ricardo & tells him that Trey is his & he has a court order to

get him.

Annie tries to tell Caitlin about Olivia & Cole's affair but Olivia gages


Cole tells Antonio what's going on w/Trey then Gregory & Ricrado come in.

Antonio talks Cole into giving Trey to Gregory .

Maria gives Ben the divorce papers, he looks & says there not signed. She

says I'll never sign them.

Caitlin locks the door & starts yelling at Annie.



Caitlin got a letter opener up to Annie's throat then Gregory, Cole & Olivia

bust in. Cole tells Caitlin that he loves her & she gives him the letter


Maria tells Ben that they can go to the Dominic Republic so they can get an

over night divorce & him & Meg can marry & go to Venice.

Caitlin tells Cole that there marriage is okay & he says no it isn't. She

says give me a second chance, he says I don't know how to & either do you.

Gregory unties Annie & Gregory tells Olivia that Trey is his son & blames

everything on her.

Maria tells Carmen that their leaving for the divorce, she says your marriage

isn't over.

The lady find Ben's address & says it's time for a visit.

Antonio asks Gabi how their going to stop Francesca, she says there's a way &

looks at the box & leaves. He opens it & sees a gun & says no.

Cole is drinking a beer, he looks up & Francesca is there.

Gregory tells Annie she's going to prison & she says no, not if you want to

loose Trey.

Caitlin is holding Trey& Olivia asks for him. Caitlin says he's my baby,

mine & Cole's.



Annie tells Gregory that she knows that Cole is the father. She says I was

there when they did the paternity test & they faked the medical records. She

says she'll keep his secret as long as she don't go to prison.

Francesca asks Cole what's wrong he says Trey isn't my son.

Olivia tells Caitlin not to do this to herself, she gives her Trey & says

he's your son now & Annie & Gregory watch.

The nurse puts Virginia in a straight jacket for her visitors & leaves.

Virginia starts to unloosen it. Vanessa comes in & talk w/her & says we both

lost Michael. She turns around & sees Virginia standing there without her

straight jacket on.

Olivia asks Gregory when the police are coming, he says Annie has immunity.

He says I don't want the kids to get hurt.

Virginia says I fooled the doctors & tries to get the straight jacket on her

but Tyus & Michael come in & grab her.

Sean tells Emily about Trey.

Francesca calls Caitlin & says Cole is at her hotel & to come get him.

Cole sees someone sitting in the chair rocking & starts to reveal his affair

w/Olivia then Olivia gets up.

Caitlin goes to Francesca's & she says she has something to tell her about




Cole tells Olivia he has to tell Caitlin about their affair, she says it will

destroy her.

Francesca points a gun at Caitlin & says it's your mother's. She tells her

that Cole told her about Trey.

Ben asks if she has a wedding dress, she say no. He opens the door & a man

brings in a couple of dresses.

Antonio asks Gabi about the gun, she explains what happened.

Tyus tell Michael & Vanessa that their moving Virginia to a more secure area.

Ricardo asks Bette & A.J. what happened w/Francesca.

Ben tells Meg that he wants to start a family.

Francesca tells Caitlin about Cole affair. She says I know about Bette. She

says no, Cole slept w/your mother. She calls her a liar & she says go asks


Gabi tells Antonio that she wants Francesca dead & she grabs the gun. It

goes off & hits a vase.

Ricardo takes A.J. to the police station.

The lady knocks on another door & says it's time to go see him now.

Gabi tells Antonio that she's going to stop Francesca & leaves. Antonio

grabs a paper bag & puts the gun in it & goes after her.

Cole opens the door & Caitlin is standing there. She says is it true, you

slept w/my mother.



Joan tells Casey, Sara & Tim that Maria & Ben are going to the Dominican

Republic for a divorce & then eloping to Venice.

Caitlin asks Cole if he slept w/her mother & Olivia says no. She says

Francesca told me but it was probably a trick. She says I lied so much & Cole

didn't, he says I lied to.

Maria tells Annie about the divorce, she says if you love him, fight for him.

Cole tells Caitlin that he slept w/her mother.

Sean & Emily argue about Caitlin & Trey.

Caitlin says the two of you behind my back, Olivia says I didn't know who he

was. He says we split up as soon as we knew. Caitlin says but you didn't

tell me & tells them to leave her alone.

Annie hears Francesca says she's leaving town tonight & gets a call. She

says she wants a rental cars w/two adult drivers & she needs an infant seat.

Olivia tells Cole that he shouldn't have told her, he says she had to know.

He says he's going to talk to Francesca.

Sara tells Casey that she loves him & he says he loves her too.

Cole goes to Francesca room but doesn't find her.

Caitlin tells Olivia that she hates her & she'll never forgive her & she

leaves. Caitlin tells Trey that he's hers & she'll never let him go & she'll

kill anyone who tries to take him away.

Olivia says to Caitlin's picture, I lost you - Francesca. I should have

killed you & says maybe it's not to late.


3/9/99 - VCR didn't work.


Meg asks Tess how she knows Ben, she calls the boy over & he says is this

were my daddy lives. Meg says you aren't going to find your daddy here. The

boy says there's my daddy & hugs Ben.

Francesca is in her room, the door opens & you see a gun & it shoots & hits


A.J. asks Olivia what she's doing at the hotel, she says looking for you.

She says you seem jumpy he says you too. He says I haven't felt better.

Annie asks Caitlin (she's has no emotion) where she was, she says out. She

says Francesca, she asks what happened to you.

Ben asks what's going on, Tess says I'm here to unite a father & his son.

Ben says I never seen this child before, she says your his father & it's time

you met.

Francesca wakes up & sees blood & opens the door & goes to the elevator.

A.J. explains to Olivia about his kiss w/Francesca. She says it feels like

it happened to someone else. He says Francesca will never come between us

again, she says your probably right. Then Cole asks a guy if he saw Francesca

w/a baby then Olivia asks what's going on.

Caitlin tells Annie that Francesca took Trey, she says I did something

horrible. Annie says we blew it w/the kid a year ago. She says no not then

now - but I had to do it then Gregory comes in.

Amy sees a Trey in a car & tells Brad they have to get him out.

Antonio is praying & says what have I done then Ricardo comes in & says he's

a wreck & says he wants to help. Then Gabi comes in, he asks her what

happened. He tells them their all going to dinner to talk.

Amy calls Gregory & tells him she found Trey.

Francesca gets out of the elevator coughing, Cole tells Olivia that Francesca

has Trey. Russell see Francesca & says she's late & takes her away.

Ben tells Tess he never laid eyes on her, she says I know, I'm not Benji

mother, Meg says who is. Maria comes down & Benji say mommy your here to.

She says what's going on, Tess says you don't recognise us.

Cole sees Amy w/Trey, Olivia grabs him & says your safe my son & A.J. looks.

She says he's mine & Cole says it's true. Then Gregory, Annie & Caitlin show

up. Amy tells Ricardo what's going on & Gabi says isn't there anything

Francesca hasn't done. & Ricardo says what else has she done.

Maria says I don't understand, Tess says Benji is your & Ben's child.

Amy says look, everyone turns & looks at a birthday cake. Francesca falls

out & points & says you.



Meg tells Tess that she's lying & they take Benji upstairs.

Ricardo says call 911 & does CPR & comes to.

Tess tells Ben that 5 years ago she answered an ad in a Seattle newspaper

about a nanny position. She says we all lived there, Maria says this is

unreal. She says you don't remember our house & your job at the art gallery,

she says no. Meg says didn't she tell you who the father was. She says that

she left her husband under very difficult circumstances & says that he didn't

know she had the baby. She says after you left us you said you were going

back to his dad. She says you never told me where you where going & that you

would call me. Maria says Ben I didn't know. Ben asks Tess why she didn't go

to the police. She says I did, I filed a police report & they found out that

her name Rodriguez was an alias. She says that's when I got temporary

guardianship of Benji.

Ricardo asks A.J. where his gun is, he says I lost it.

Maria says I don't remember & Meg calls Tess a liar. Ben says I need proof,

she says I have it.

Gregory says I want to take Trey to the hospital & Ricardo says everyone has

to go so I can question them. Gabi tells Antonio what if Francesca tells

Ricardo & what if she dies, he says our secret die w/her.

Tess gives Ben an article written by Dr. Estrada & says that's how I found

you & Maria says I gave her permission to write it. Tess gives Ben the

missing person report & says she hired a P.I. Then Joan, Hank, Casey & Sara

come in, Meg says it's not a good time. They start to leave & Sara says who

is that little boy. Benji says I wanted to be w/mommy & daddy & hold their


Tyus tells everyone that Francesca is alive & awake. Ricardo asks Francesca

who shot her, she says Antonio.



Hank says is this your boy & Meg says were trying to figure that out & he

punches Ben.

Ricardo asks Francesca if Antonio shot her & she goes into cardiac arrest.

Then Ricardo asks Antonio where he was tonight & Gabi says maybe she wanted to


Caitlin tells Olivia to stay away from her & that she hates her & Cole & she

leaves. A.J. says she's taking it hard about Trey & Annie says that's not

what she's upset about. She says at the beginning of Olivia & Cole's

relationship they knew each other quite intimately. She says they slept

together. Olivia says I can explain & he leaves.

Caitlin tells Gregory that Francesca told her about mom & Cole & says she's

glad she's dying.

Tyus tells Gabi that Francesca is unconscious.

Amy tells Bette, Sean & Emily what happened to Trey & Francesca & Bette

leaves. Amy tells Sean that Trey isn't Caitlin's, he says I know - I helped

get him. Brad says he's sick & Amy says I know you must have had a good

reason for giving Caitlin your mom's baby & Sean says what.

Ben asks Benji if Tess showed him the pictures of him & said I was your

father & Maria says or was I the one.

Cole asks Caitlin where she went tonight. She says are you worried that I

shot Francesca or that I was you do it.

Francesca wakes up & sees Antonio.



Sean says to Amy - Trey is my brother, she says I thought you knew. He says

your wrong, Brad starts w/him & Sean punches him.

Francesca starts shaking & Antonio grabs her & tells her to clam down. Then

Ricardo comes & asks what’s he's doing. He says she said your name when I

asked her who shot her. He says do you think I did it.

Olivia tells Bette that Annie stole her baby, Bette yells at her & leaves.

Ben asks Benjy when the last time he saw Maria, he says before she went away.

He says I know your my mommy & know one told me.

Francesca says she wants to confess & everyone leaves.

Annie tries to explain to Bette & Bette slaps her. Annie says Olivia shot

Francesca & Bette leaves.

Francesca tells Antonio to forgive her that he important to her.

Sean tells Olivia he didn't know & she says I know & he leaves Bette asks her

where she was when Francesca was shot.

Meg tells Ben that she's not convinced that Benjy's his.

Sara tells Casey that she thinks Maria is planning this & he says no she

wouldn't do this.

Francesca tells Antonio that she did it, she pulled the trigger. He says

who, she says Gabi shot me.





Ben tells Meg that she might be conning him & Maria, she says you & Maria.

He says you don't believe that Maria has anything to do w/this.

Olivia tells Annie she went to the hotel to see A.J. & he says I saw her.

Antonio yells No & Ricardo comes in & then Francesca goes unconscious.

Ricardo asks Antonio what she said. He says it was hard to understand her

then Gabi says it was her confession. He says she said she was sorry.

Annie tells Sean that Olivia & Cole slept together Caitlin says it's true.

A.J. asks Annie why she didn't want Francesca to leave town w/Trey. She

blames it on Caitlin & then A.J. Ricardo comes in & takes A.J. for his


Ben kisses Meg & Benjy sees.

Olivia tells Caitlin to give her another chance to make things right. She

says you can't change anything just like Francesca has a bullet in her & she

wouldn't take it back for anything, & everyone looks.



Benjy says he had a nightmare & Meg says I'll tuck you in. He says I want

mommy & daddy to do it. Then Tess says we'll go back to the hotel & Ben says


Bette asks Caitlin if she shot Francesca, she says no & Gregory blames it on


Vanessa asks Gabi questions about Francesca, she says she got what was coming

to her & leaves.

Ben tells Benjy that he can stay the night & Meg tells Maria she can too.

Annie is about to pull the plug & Ricardo stops her. She wakes up & calls

her a bitch & says Annie & then goes into arrest.

Gabi says what I did was for the both of us, he says what have you done.

Meg wakes up & Ben is gone. Ben tucks in Benjy.

Ricardo tells everyone that Francesca is okay.

Gabi remembers standing over Francesca & says I thought you were dead.



Sean tells Emily that he hates Olivia & wont forgive her.

Olivia tells Bette that she's going to she's going to see Trey & Caitlin

tells her no & says I'm still responsible for him. Cole says where do I fit

in & she says you don't. They all go home & Olivia goes to see Trey. Gregory

tells Caitlin to watch what she says because it can affect Trey's future.

Annie hears Gregory telling Caitlin that he'll come up w/a witness for her.



Cole sneaks into Francesca's room & is holding her life support.

Gabi says to Antonio that he thinks that she shot Francesca. He says

Francesca said you shot her. He says it's all my fault.

Ricardo goes into Francesca's room & sees that she's flat-line & asks Cole

what did he do to her.

Caitlin says to Olivia that she wanted to kill Francesca because she told her

secret. She says I didn't kill her, Caitlin says what if I have proof.

Tyus does CPR but it doesn't work, he tells Ricardo that Francesca is gone.

He says we're no longer looking at a shooting -- it's murder.

Olivia asks Caitlin what kind of proof she has, she says your gun. Sean

hears Caitlin telling Olivia that Francesca pulled a gun on her & said it was

Olivia's & that you threatened her w/it. She says I was angry w/her for

kissing A.J.

Gabi tells Antonio that she didn't shoot Francesca, he answers the phone &

says Francesca is dead.

Caitlin tells Olivia that Ricardo would be interested in hearing about the

gun. She says if you go to prison I'd get my son back then Sean comes in &

stops it. They go downstairs & Gregory says Francesca is dead & Annie opens


You sees Francesca in hell w/Del & Eddie. They tell her that she can enjoy

watching the hell she left in Sunset Beach.

Ricardo says seal off Francesca hotel room & Gabi tells Antonio & they leave.

Ricardo tells Cole that he can hold him for 48 hours for the murder of




Hank tells Tim about Benjy.

Gabi leaves Ricardo a note saying she went to the station, he calls & she

isn't there.

Gabi goes to the Francesca's hotel room & tells the officer to get coffee &

she'll watch the room, he says okay.

Tess shows Ben Benjy's braclet from the hospital & he birth certificate, he

says mother Maria & father unknown. She pulls out a picture of her Maria &

baby Benjy, he says it could be a fake. Meg asks Tess for a name to confirm

it, she says she was hiding.

Maria asks Carmen to read the cards for her.

Gabi finds a box of tapes then Antonio & Ricardo come in & asks her what's

she's doing here.

Tim tells Sara that she's going to help him prove that Benjy is Maria's &

Ben's, she says no.



Tess tells Ben to take a paternity test, he says no think of the child's


Carmen shows Maria the sun card & it has a baby on it. She freaks out &

Carmen says it means marital happiness, she says I saw a baby & she tells her

about Benjy.

The officer comes back & Gabi pushes the tapes under the bed. She tells

Ricardo she brought a forensic kit. The officer finds the tapes & takes them

back to the station.

Michael gives Jimmy his necklace because he's going to live w/his aunt then

Vanessa comes & gives him a gift.

Ricardo finds a necklace, Gabi feels for hers & Antonio asks her what's going


Michael asks Vanessa to dinner, she says yes.

Maria asks Ben to get the paternity test, he says yes & she hugs him & Meg

looks. They tell Benjy their going to the doctor's.

Antonio asks Gabi if she was in Francesca's room last night, she says yes.




An officer tells Gregory that he has a warrant to search Cole's possession's.

Ricardo tells Cole that Francesca died of the bullet a 38.

Tyus takes Benjy's blood. Tess says we'll go back to the hotel & Ben says

you can stay w/us. Benjy asks if mommy will be there & she says yes.

A.J. tells Leo to go back home till this Francesca stuff is all over.

Gabi tells Antonio that she didn't kill Francesca. She says I went to her

room & Francesca was laying there dead.

Maria tells Annie about Benjy.

Gregory asks Olivia to move back in the house because the press. She says

your up to something but I'll pack my bags.

Gabi & Antonio see the officer put in the tapes.

Ricardo tells Cole that he found a 38 in his car.


3/25/99 - VCR messed up.


Ricardo puts in the last tape, Gabi says no & stops it then Maria comes in,

Gabi says it's evidence. Maria tells Ricardo about Benjy & asks him to see if

the picture is a fake.

Gregory watches Caitlin & Cole, she lets him hold Trey.

A.J. questions Olivia about Francesca & she questions him. She says I

thought I loved you & leaves.

Caitlin tells Cole that Cole wants to see Trey. He says you have to choose

between Cole & Trey.

Ricardo takes the tape home.

Maria gets the results of the picture, she reads them. She calls Ben & says

she has to show him something now.

Caitlin tells Gregory that she'll never see Cole again.

Cole sneaks into Gregory's room & someone opens the door.

Caitlin asks Gregory to promise her that Olivia will never take Trey away

from her & Olivia hears.

Ricardo puts the tape in the VCR.