The following event is at Beverly Hills' Planet Hollywood @ 3pm on Feb.
Here's the list of soap stars: (From Soap Opera News)  **FYI- The listing
mentioned nothing about price, but if it's anything like it was in NY at
Television City's Soap Opera Appearence, you had to purchase a meal in order
to enter and meet them... so bring your wallet just in case...

Julianne Morris 
Kevin Spirtas 
Patrika Darbo

Mick Cain
Adrienne Frantz (ex-Tiffany SB)
Jacob Young

Brad Maule
Mary Beth Evans

Susan Ward
Clive Robertson
Dominique Jennings

~NEW~ March 7th- Jason George, Kathleen Noone, Cristi Harris, Sarah Buxton and
Clive Robertson will appear at Santa Anita Park (California) for its first
Soap Opera Day beginning at 12:30pm.


August 11, 1998 (Los Angeles, CA) - Clive Robertson, who stars as Ben
                Evans on Aaron Spellings television series "Sunset Beach" on NBC 
               announced his engagement to Australian television and film actress 
                     Libby Purvis. He proposed to her on Sunday, August 9th.
                The two have been an item for four years. They met in Robertson's
                     native England when both were studying drama in London.
                 The two started dating about a year later and relocated to the 
              Los Angeles Area in 1996 when Robertson landed a lead role on Aaron 
                          Spelling's first daytime drama, Sunset Beach.
                 "I actually tried to propose three times over the span of the 
                last week,but the circumstances were not quite perfect," admits 
                 Robertson. Last weekend he took  her to Santa Barbara with the 
               intention of asking her hand in marriage. He chartered a yacht for 
                   the afternoon then took her out to a five star restaurant 
                for an elegant dinner. "When the time came it just wasn't quite 
      right," says Robertson. Knowing he had already planned a surpriseromantic getaway to
               New Orleans for the following weekend, he elected to wait for the 
                                          right moment.
                The couple went to the Commanders Palace for dinner in the Garden
               District. As is turns out the coupled ended up at bad table in the
               smoking section."Having just ordered the best champagne, once again 
              I was thinking to myself 'there has got to be a better setting' so I
                                          balked again."
               The following morning, in their romantic corner suite in a charming
                1830's hotel in the French Quarter, Robertson finally proposed. 
              "I had no idea all of this was going on behind the scenes," admitted 
                       Purvis."We are both very excited," added Robertson.
                  The two have not yet set a date. "We have friends and family 
               scattereD across several continents. This will be a hard wedding tO
                             plan, but we are looking forward to it."
                                    ROMANTIC IN REAL LIFE TOO