My name is Steven and my favorite characters are Amy Nielsen and Caitlin
Deschanel.  I like Amy because she very sexy, smart, and Krissy Carlson
is a good actress.  Plus Amy may be mean at times, but she has a really
good heart to those she cares about.  I like Caitlin because ever since
Kam Heskin took over the role, she has become a stronger, sexier, and
mre sultry character.  Also, Caitlin is really kind and caring which
makes her even better.


Kam Heskin plays Caitlin Richards, the privileged daughter
of corporate tycoon, Gregory Richards, who is opposed to
her marriage to ex-jewel thief Cole Deschanel on SUNSET
BEACH, the first daytime drama from executive producer
Aaron Spelling. 
 Kam took over the role of Caitlin Richards in May, 1998.
 Kam was on the runway ready to return to her home in New
 York after her screen test when a flight attendant informed
her she received the role. She was pulled of the plane
and put in a cab to NBC where she signed a contract and
was handed a pile of scripts to learn over the weekeND
Kam starred in the film, "Blackjack," directed by John Woo
 which will be released on video in some countries, and on
the big screen in others. Kamís birthday is May 8th. 


Cristi Ellen Harris recently joined the cast of "Sunset Beach" as a hopeful young lifeguard who
befriends Sean Richards (Randy Spelling). 

Harris was born in East Point, Georgia, and has lived in Colorado, Illinois, Hawaii, New York and
California. Aspiring to be a doctor while growing up, she became interested in acting after meeting
Sammy Davis, Jr. on the Chicago set of "The Kid Who Loved Christmas." Harris later moved to
Los Angles and signed with the William Morris Agency and Wilhelmina Modeling Agency for print
work. Soon after, she landed small roles on "Full House," "Growing Pains," and "America's Most
Wanted." Her film credits include "Night of the Demons 2," "Scarecrow," "Twilight," "Dream House and "Rescue Me." 
Harris is single and currently resides in Los Angeles. In her spare time, Harris enjoys singing,
writing and dancing.