Gabi tells Antonio that their going to die & that's God's punishment on
them, he says no.
 Meg wakes up after a bad dream & her car won't start & her cell phone
is dead.
 Maria tells Ben that she missed him & he says he missed her.  She says
make love to me.  He says he's sorry.  He says he feels his feeling feel
right for her but.  She says we know there's something else.
 Michael tells Vanessa that he caught Virginia & he knows the baby is
his.  She says no, Virginia got a hold of Tyus' sperm, he says no & the
EMS guys take her away.
 Ben tells Maria that they need to slow things down.  He says it's hard
letting those feeling back in because he loves Meg. He says we'll go get
some wine for them.
 Carmen looks at her cards, she tells Sara & Joan that death is coming.
 Michael tells Virginia that he knows what she did to Vanessa & he says
he wants answers.  He see Tyus & asks him how Vanessa is, he says she'll
be fine.  He asks about the baby & he shakes his head no.
 Meg unrolls her window & sees Ben.
 Gabi asks Antonio if their going to die, he says I don't see any other
way out & they kiss.

 Maria asks Ben if he's upset that she isn't giving him a divorce.  He
says now is not a good time.
 Virginia hears Michael telling Vanessa that she let him believe that
was his baby.  Vanessa asks him if it's over between them, he says I
don't know & leaves.
 Casey asks Meg to move back in Surf Central, she says yes.
 Maria asks Ben if he still loves her.  He says your my wife - I care
about you.  She says your not ready to face my question or you don't
want to hurt me.  He says your right - maybe on both counts.  He says
let's go home, she says I'm not going back to the house w/you,  it's to
hard.  She says I'm going to mama's.
 Antonio tells Gabi he has feelings for her as a friend & she leaves.
He says to himself, she feels the same way about me.
 Dr. Estrada tells Ben if Maria doesn't have familiar surrounding that
she can have a relapse.  Ben talks Maria into staying at the house. He
asks her if she's ok w/staying in the studio, she says it's yes.  They
go home & have a memory moment & she goes upstairs.  He sees Meg's
picture & says what am I going to do?
 Virginia tells Vanessa that she heard.  She calls her a slut & tells
her to get out of his life & to make room for someone who really loves
 Casey tells Sara he's sorry & they kiss.  Then he says that Meg's
moving back in.
 Tyus calls Michael & tells him that he has to talk to him about his
 Maria says to Meg, your home.  She says no, Maria this is your home
 The Chief tells Gabi that he's giving her a police assignment & Ricardo
says it's not ok.
 Carmen tell Antonio that he's leaving because of Gabi.
 Maria asks Meg if she's moving out for good.  She says I don't know for
sure but I'm not giving up on Ben.  Maria tells her that she still loves
him & she's not ready to walk away.
 Casey tells Sara that he don't think that Meg & Ben has a future
 Maria tells Meg that she never ment to hurt her.  She says it would be
easy if I weren't around but I'm not going anywhere & Ben hears.
 The Cheif tells Gabi that Ricardo is assigned to the case & lets in
A.J.  He says at the Resort it seems like we have an embazzlement & they
cracked the software.
 Carmen tells Antonio that Gabi wants to isolate Ricardo.
 Ben tells Meg that he heard Maria's feeling for him.  She says it's
about your feelings.  She says do you still love her.  He says I love
you then he sees her wedding ring gone & asks why.  She says do I have
your whole heart.  He says you have me & she says so does Maria.  He
says I'm losing you, your slipping away from me.
 Maria tells Antonio that she wants her husband back.  She says when you
really love someone you just can't walk away-can you?
 Ricardo tells Gabi that he don't want her to do the job.  Then A.J.
comes in & she tells him she'll take the job.
 Sara tells Tim if he helps her keep Casey, she'll help him get Meg.
 Ben tells Meg that she's in his heart & always will be.

 No summary today.  The President was in  Buffalo for a ralley today &
the local news aired it on all channels.
1/21 & 22/99
 Tim tells Sara he'll help her & she tells him what's going on.
 Annie dresses up as a doctor.  She goes into the Lab & introduces
herself as a doctor & Doctor Russell says you Annie Douglas.
 Maria tells Ben she's going to sleep in the spear bedroom.  He looks at
her & she says you want to keep it open for Meg.  She says you can't
have her in your bed well maybe you can have her under the same roof.
 Tim asks Meg if she moved out of Ben's.  She yells at her & Casey tells
him to leave.
 Caitlin tells Olivia that Gregory took care of the blackmailer & Annie
told him about how she got Trey from an unwed mother.
 Dr. Russell tells Annie he knows her from high school.  He says how he
liked her & how she humilated.
 A.J. tells Cole that it's possible that Olivia's baby might be alive.
He asks him for help & he says ok.
 Olivia wonders why Gregory didn't tell Cole that Trey wasn't his.
 Annie tells Russell she'll go out w/him if he does something for her.
She says when Gregory brings the blood sample don't run it just says it
wasn't a match.  Then she hears Gregory & she hides.
 Maria's drawing & Ben says let me see, she says it's nothing.  He looks
at it & it's her & him kissing, she rips it & throws it in the garbage &
says see it's nothing.
  Tim tells Sara that he needs a couple of hours alone w/Meg, she says
what do I do.
 Cole tells A.J. he'll find Dr.Brock & see if the baby was cremated.
Cole says I promise that if this baby is alive I'll find him.
 Olivia  calls Gregory & asks why he helped Annie & Caitlin then a nurse
yells at him for using a cell phone.  Olivia asks him why he's at the
hospital & he hangs up.
 A.J. & Cole can't find Dr. Brock.
 Vanessa tells Casey & Meg about her & Tyus' baby.  She says he trusted
me & Virginia walks in & says you betrayed him & they yell at her.
  Gregory tells Russell that he wants Dr. Manning to do the tests.
 Tyus tells Michael that he's not taking the job because he wants to be
w/his baby.  They start to fight & Casey breaks it up.
 Vanessa tells Casey & Meg about her & Tyus' baby.  She says he trusted
me & Virginia walks in & says you betrayed him & they yell at her.
  Gregory tells Russell that he wants Dr. Manning to do the tests.
 Tyus tells Michael that he's not taking the job because he wants to be
w/his baby.  They start to fight & Casey breaks it up.
 Virginia gives Vanessa adoption papers, she says I can't give up my
baby.  Then Virginia says maybe you want to hold onto Tyus.
 Cole asks Bette for help, she tells him about nurse Kennedy.
 Michael tells Vanessa he's moving out.
 Cole tells Caitlin he's going on a business trip.  She says I'll go
w/you, he reminds her about Trey's ear infection & says she'll stay
 Francesca flirts w/A.J. & he leaves.  Then Bette asks her about it.
Francesca says that all-in-the-family is Cole's territory, not mine.
 Dr. Manning says all he has to do is check the clients blood then
Olivia comes in & asks what's going on.

 VCR messed up - caught some of it.
 Russell switches the the slides.  Dr. Manning tells Gregory that Trey
isn't his son.
 Cole finds out where Dr. Brock lives.
 Olivia is holding Trey & Gregory yells at her to put him down.  He says
I know, I know what you did.

 Maria tells Annie that she remembers & they hug.  She says Meg moved
out & tells her what's happening.
 Gregory tells Olivia he knows about Cole.  He says I know the truth & I
have proof.  
 Gabi starts her undercover work & A.J. introduces her to Gerard whom
she'll be working with.
 Ricardo tells Antonio about Gabi's undercover work.  Antonio gets mad
at him & tells him he shouldn't let her do it.
 Meg tries to give Ben his house keys back.  He won't take it & asks her
to dinner, she says yes.  Then a drunk comes in & Ben kicks him out.
 Cole goes to Dr. Brock's apartment & finds him dead in a chair holding
a gun.  He takes the gun & finds a phone number locked alone in a
drawer.  Then the police come & he leaves.
 Gabi asks Antonio how he feels about her.  He says he cares about her
alot, more than a priest or a friend, he says that's why I'm leaving.
He says do you feel the same way about me.  Then Maria  & Ricardo come
in & tell them their going to The Deep.
 Gregory tells Olivia that Caitlin told him about Trey.  She says why
didn't you tell Cole.  He says he doesn't want to hurt Caitlin.
 Gerard calls someone & says Gabi's the new secretary & she can make
what were doing here difficult.  Then he says I'll take care of her if
she gets in the way.
 At The Deep Maria hears someone laughing, she looks & it's Meg & Ben.
 Olivia finds Dr. Brocks address at A.J.'s & says why do want to hurt
 The drunk hits Ben over the head w/a bottle & Ben falls to the ground.
Maria runs to him & a man says stay back.  Maria says I'm his wife damit
& Meg looks at her.
 Gregory tells Francesca they'll do business but on one condition & it
has to do w/ A.J. & Olivia.
 Cole calls the phone number & Annie answers it.  

 Gregory tells Francesca he wants her to seduce A.J. & he wants Olivia
to find out.  She says you want me to sleep w/ him.  She says no & says
plus he don't even like me.
 Ben gets up & Meg hugs him & they take him home.
 A.J. tells Olivia that Cole is looking for Dr. Brock.  They start
talking & she asks him to leave it alone then they make love.
 Gregory tells Francesca he'll give her 5 million dollars & Cole will
never find out she slept w/A.J.  But she has to make sure Cole never
comes back, she says no.
 Gabi tells Antonio that she can't go to his goodby party because how
she feels.  She cries & they hug & she leaves.
 Cole asks Annie what the name of Olivia's Dr. was, she says she don't
know.  Then he says Brock & maybe he'll look his up.
 Someone calls Gregory & tells him they found Brock's body. He says make
sure his suicide in in the front page newspaper.

 Encore of ysterday's episode because of the Senate impeachment trial.

 Maria tells Meg that she can't ignore her feeling for Ben.  Meg says we
have to wait for Ben to decide between us.  Then Ben comes in & Meg
leaves.  He asks Maria what happened between them.  She says we were
talking about you, how we both love you & how only one of us can have
you.  He says you are the woman I loved & that's not the person who was
living here before & he goes upstairs.  She says to herself how can I
make Ben love me again if you still love Meg.
 Cole tells Annie that Brock is dead & she drops her glass.
 Olivia tells A.J. about the affairs her & Gregory had.  She tells him
that she doesn't want a relationship like that, he says I wont.
 Antonio tells a priest that he's having carnal thoughts about the woman
his brother loves.  The priest says that if he stays here much longer
something terrible is going to happen.
 Gregory tells Francesca her other option is jail, she says she'll think
about it.
Carmen tells Gai to leave Ricardo alone because she's in love w/another
man then Ricardo tells her to leave.
 Cole tells A.J. about Brock & the phone call to Annie.  He says it's
Gregory, Annie & Brock were parteners.  He says Olivia told me about the
affairs & Gregory knew the baby wasn't his & he wanted to baby to
 Gabi holds Antonio's picture & says Carmen was right, I do.
 Bette tells Olivia that Francesca knows about her & Cole's affair.
 Ricardo tells Antonio what happened w/Gabi & mama.  He asks him why he
can't wait to get out of here.  He says don't you care about your
family, me.  Antonio says I do, that's why I'm leaveing - for you.

 Caitlin hears Gregory talking to a doctor.  She asks whats wrong, he
says his blood pressure.
 Olivia tells Francesca that she heard the rumor about her & Cole.  She
says if she tells Cole she'll loose him.  She says if he don't leave
w/me I'll tell him anyway.  They start yelling at each other.  Then
Olivia says if you hurt Caitlin I'll kill you.  Then they start fighting
& Bette breaks it up.
 Ricardo asks Antonio why he's leaving for him.  Then a Sister comes in
& says it's time for Mass.
 Gerard introduces Karen as his wife.  Karen tells Gerard that Gabi
checks out but she spent the night w/Ricardo.  He asks her if she was
  Gabi tells Ricardo that Antonio feels like he hasn't been acting like
a priest.  He asks her why he's leaving town because of him.
 Francesca kicks them out & calls Gregory & tells him she'll do it & she
wants a bonus.
 Gregory calls Dr. Manning to re-check the test & he says he'll be the
 Francesca puts hidden camera's in A.J.'s office, she leaves & A.J. is
standing there.
 Antonio calls to move up his flight.

 Tyus asks Vanessa if he can go to Lamaza class w/her.  She says she'll
think about it.
 Michael tells Virginia that Dr. Green's letter wasn't mailed, it was
delivered & Vanessa didn't get any delveries that day.  He asks her why
she was at Dr. Green's office yesterday?  She says I yelled at him for
lying about the due date, he says ok.  She leaves & he says nice try.
 A.J. asks Francesca why she's at his office, she says to get a job.
They talk & she kiss'  him.  Cole see & she slaps him.  A.J. tells Cole
that was a seduction game.
 Ricardo asks Gabi why Antonio is leaving, she says she don't know.
They argue, she cries & they make up.
 Carmen see the priest card, she flips the other one & says no.
 Michael leaves & Virginia leaves a message for Dr. Green.  Michael
waches from outside & says there is more to this & I'm going to find
 Antonio tells Maria that he's in love w/Gabi & that's why he's leaving.
 A.J. thinks about Francesca's kiss & then calls Olivia.
 Gerard hears A.J. & Gabi talking.  He calls Karen & says Gabi's plant.
He says we agreed on a strategy, she says no.  He says were going
through w/it & hangs up. She says I'm not going to let this happen.
 Michael tells Dr. Green that Virginia sent him & she wants another
letter.  He asks him if he tells him what to write if he'll write him
another one.
 Carmen tells Antonio that he has to leave now before it's to late.

 Annie asks Maria for her help.
 Dr. Green asks Michael what Virginia needs another letter for now.  He
says it's true.  Virginia did have you write this letter.  Then he hears
Virginia on the answering machine saying she's coming over & not to tell
Michael anything.
 Antonio tells Carmen he's leaving in a few hours.  She says no, now or
all will be lost & he says ok.
 Annie asks Maria for $20,000 because she has to disappear for a while,
she says ok. 
 The Sister asks Antonio to stay & hear their confessions, he says ok.
 Gerard sets a bomb outside of Gabi's office.
 Meg tells Ben to stop fighting his feelings for Maria & to figure out
where his heart is.  She tells him that she can't see him untill he
makes up his mind.
 Maria tells Annie that she wants to take Ben back to the Inn in Palm
Springs, she asks Ben & he says he'll go.
 Virginia goes to Dr. Green's office, she starts yelling at the chair &
it's Michael sitting there.  He says your like family & how can you
purposely destroy me & Vanessa.
 Ben tells Maria it's about time he made a decision about how he feels &
for whom.
 Karen tries to tell Ricardo about the bomb but he gets an anonymous tip
about the Liberty Corp. & she leaves
 Annie tells Tim about Maria & Ben's plans.
 Karen tells Antonio that her husband is going to kill the new girl at
the resort.  He says Gabi, no & he leaves.
 Ricardo gets Gerard & he says Gabi is as good as gone.
 Michael tells Virginia that Dr. Green told him everything.  He says
what did I do to you.  She says I love you, he says that's not love.
She says the baby isn't yours, I made sure of that.
 Antonio tells Gabi that they have to leave & the bomb goes off.
 Maria tells Ben that she got an adjointing room. She says let's stop
for coffee beore we go & they see Meg there.
 Virginia tells Michael to have the baby tested so he'll see that it's
Tyus'.  He says he never wants to see her except to see Jimmy.
 Ricardo sees the resort & it's buried under debris & the rescue team
 Antonio finds Gabi in the debris & they both are ok but there trapped.
 Ben tells Meg what's going on & tells her he'll call her when he gets
back.  She says to herself what will you tell me when you get back.
 Vanessa sees Virginia in Dr. Green's office holding her due date
letter.  She asks her what's going on.  Virginia tells Vanessa she'll
never have Michael.
 Meg tells Casey & Sara that Ben is going away w/Maria.  Sara says let's
go away to this Inn I read about & Meg says ok.
 Ben & Maria are talking about their memories & Ben tells her the story
of the muffins w/Casey.  She says were all the way out here & you think
about Meg.  She says this was a mistake & for him to go to her.
 Gabi starts freaking out & Antonio calms her down.  She says she's cold
& they cuddle.
 Sara tells Tim that Meg is going to Palm Springs.
 Ricardo yells at Karen, she says I tried to tell you & she told the
priest.  He says Antonio, Antonio is in there.

 Gabi tells Antonio that he risked his life for hers.  He says because I
care so much about you.  He finds another way out & Gabi pushes him out
of the way & a piece of ceiling falls.
 Maria tells Ben that her life was taken away & she didn't have no say
in it.  She says you got over me w/Meg & says I don't know how to stop
loving you, she cries & he hugs her.
 Sara asks Meg to drive her car up there so her & Casey can be alone,
she say ok.
 Dr. Green tells Vanessa that she's 3 months not 4 & 1/2 months, he says
Virginia made me do it.  She says this is Michaels baby.  Virginia says
that's Tyus', you'll see.
 Ricardo tells Carmen that Gabi & Antonio are trapped inside.
 Gabi tells Antonio that she feels the same way as him.
 Virginia tells Vanessa that she impregnated her w/Tyus' sperm.  She
says she's calling the police.  Virginia pushes her on the ground & they
start to fight.  Michael breaks it up & Vanessa says Michael the baby.
 Sara takes the distributer cap off Casey's car.
 The fireman tells Ricardo that the building is shifting & they might
not make it.
 Meg is driving in the rain, the car skids & she screams.
 It sarts to rain & Maria goes out to the balconey, she slips & Ben
grabs her.  They look at each other & they kiss.